Quality & Care instructions

Are Myuras products suitable for microwaves and ovens?

All products are microwave safe. The products can also be placed in the oven. I recommend never putting the product on the grill or directly on a hot surface and use the oven with caution. Myuras is not responsible for any breakages.

Are Myuras products dishwasher safe?

Absolutely. There are no specific indications for washing dishes. Mild detergent is preferable to maximize the life of the dishes and the glaze

Do Myuras products contain lead or other harmful ingredients?

Absolutely not. All the products and glazes I use are lead free and are suitable for contact with food.

Who are the products made from?

All my products are turned, glazed and finished by me. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable. For this reason the articles may differ slightly in size, weight and color from each other.

Do you make custom items?

Yes, of course. I create customized objects based on need and based on the availability of the period. My production is limited but I am always happy to be able to carry out custom orders.